Timeline: April 1 – May 31, 2014

If born Sept. 24th – Oct. 3rd:  Your health issues seem to be of the greatest importance at this juncture.  Beware of a negative psychic influence exercised by some people who may have a different value system.  This can lead to psychosomatic problems.  It will be advisable to keep about 30% energy in reserve.  The period from May 8-31 is most important because you will feel very energized and might adopt a very militant attitude.  Remember, this is only temporary.  During the said cycle you will become very impatient and highly charged and may try to accomplish more than you can handle.  Make sure you do not go to extremes in all your affairs to avoid financial loss and disappointment.

If born Oct. 4-Oct. 13:  The period between April 6 and May 7 is most important, involving your personal relations, professional issues and your health.  During this one month it will be very hard for you to keep control of your affairs because events may take place very suddenly and totally beyond your control.  This period will appear like eternity because of the amount of events that will take place within a short period.  Be wise to carefully scrutinize all matters involving your professional future and your partnerships, if any.  All the decisions made will have a far-reaching effect on your life in future. Financial affairs should be most carefully handled during the period mentioned. After May 7 life will be more peaceful generally, even though the tension shall persist.

If born Oct. 14-Oct.23:  A matter of greatest concern in your life will be your finances.  Your expenses will increase and saving capacity lowered because of the burden of obligations between April 1 and May 10.  An important issue involving an inheritance will not be resolved.  Carefully scrutinize all your investments, but make no changes, as your judgment will be rather impaired.  Your friends will not be able to help you with your financial affairs.  Try to maintain peace at home and avoid any misunderstandings because of a lack of communication.

Lucky Days:
April 3, 4, 13, 14, 22, 23, 30
May 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20, 28, 29


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About Libra

Saturn is exalted in this sign.

Your basic Traits:
Libras are generally inspirational and perceptive. If in the wrong company, these faculties do not develop. They are sensitive and compassionate. They tend to be yielding and generous. They should very carefully stay clear of the wrong environment or they face disasters that they cannot deal with. Oscar Wilde born Oct.16 is a good example. Their greatest trait ( I like) is the refinement of temperament. Libras are very charming and despise an uncongenial atmosphere. They are lovers of beauty, form and color.

Vladimir Putin born Oct. 7th
Simon Cowell born Oct. 7th
Lou Dobbs born Sep. 24th
Mahatma Gandhi born Oct. 2nd
It is one of my most favorite signs.