Hillary Clinton was born on Oct. 26, 1947.    

A very complex personality.  A life lived on adventures and surprises.  Her cardinal numbers are 3 and 9.  This will give her protection and favors from those in authority.  On the mental plane she will be agile in self-expression.  

Cunning and craftiness is in evidence.  The tendency to annihilate opposition by drastic measures is evident.  Her Mercury is very afflicted by Saturn and Mars, making her a reckless opponent and one not hesitant to win by fair or foul means.  She knows the weaknesses of those who oppose her views.  

Her temper is quick and heart beat sensitive.  A plaything in the hands of fate, she will play a strategic role in US politics.  

Pres. Barack Obama has two women in his personal orbit (1) Michele Obama (born Jan 17) and (2) Hillary Clinton (born Oct 26).  These two will play, by vibrational influence, a crucial role, though extreme, in making decisions, consciously or unconsciously, affecting the US destiny eventually. 

This interaction between two fatalistic numbers (4 and 8) playing upon his life, is ominous.  But fate can be quite fickle, as history records.  More later ...