Here is Today’s Forecast by Ostaro


MON  JULY 16, 2018:  ASTRONEWS by Ostaro, Consultant,  Author, Cabalist, NYC.  Vibes colorful.  Socially happy.  New love.  Money made.  Favors legit ventures.  Health medium.  Bad for reflection.  Sudden changes.  Pace fast.  Moon in Virgo, increasing.

 WRLD MKTS (OMNL) by Ostaro.  Global: stks buoyant.  Treasuries, financials bullish.  Health care, housing up.  Metals weak.  Rupee strong.  Mumbai strong. Asian mkts higher.  Copper higher.  Dollar weaker.  Pound weaker.   LSE down.  DJIA up.  Vol high.  Close higher.


FRI  JULY 13, 2018:  ASTRONEWS by Ostaro, Consultant,  Author, Cabalist, NYC.  Vibes encouraging.  Sudden changes, physical move.  Expect the unexpected.  Favors new projects, start-ups, inventions.  Pace fast.  Moon in Leo.  New.

 WRLD MKTS (OMNL) by Ostaro.  Global:  stks sluggish.  Metals upward.  Energy, electronics down.  Dollar weak.  LSE up.  Pound strong.  ASE weak.  Vol. low.  Close higher.

















Cabalistic vibes of the new year are more spiritual than mundane.  The numbers most dominant are: 1, 7 and 8, all belonging to the occult realm.  The year ahead is enshrined in mystery, since certain aspects have notmaterialized yet.

            The world will pursue the higher aims of spiritualism, morality and peace in preference to materialism.

            The above numbers represent the mystical realm, the God force and the entire unseen.  Pursuit of philosophical jargon and values of the higher realm will be the main feature.

            No 8 represents the planet Saturn, which belongs to two worlds:  the physical and the spiritual, unseen to most by the physical eyes. 

            We may see the emergence of higher values of life, temporarily ignoring the material needs of the physical. 

            On a higher plane it will lead to spiritual progress and advance, as we move more within the periphery of the Aquarian Age, the precession rate being about one degree per year.