He is a master of camouflage, illusion and the fog of mystery.  These three cumulatively will demoralize, confuse and destroy even the most brilliant and sharp minds. 

The salient feature is:  two contradictory forces at war with each other.  Every step he takes is well calculated and measured.  Hallucination and illusion reign supreme.

His conceptual image of a person will exclude most from getting close to him.  Because of his internal perspective he will have a very dry sense of humor and may never smile or laugh.

His philosophical outlook shall contain materialism mingled with the overtones of spiritual ideals almost impossible for the weak minds to comprehend. 

Here we have an enigma whose value system, though appearing very idealistic, is too ethereal to materialize on the earthly plane.


Western Europe, especially

1.  Paris, France


3. Washington, DC

4. New York City

What upsets his apple cart most is the USA, and his philosophies go to dogs.  This is the crux of his political strategies.  He sees the success and failure in USA of all he craves for idealogically.

All will go well for a while and suddenly he will lose control of his project at hand.

Uranus and Saturn control his destiny.  He is fated undoubtedly. 

The greatest threats shall come to him from England, Germany and USA, as far as his political ambitions are concerned.

Summation:  The greatest threat to his political maneuvering shall come from USA.





update ON trump presidency Sep 11, 2017


UPDATE ON TRUMP PRESIDENCY:  Forecast by Ostaro,  Sept 11, 2017

Moves of Pres. Trump's enemies contradicting his activities exist tantamount to internal scandals that will shorten his reign.  His opposition is mounting a great challenge that may lead to a point of no return.  His set of values does not fit well with greedy and selfish politicians.  Very few shall support him because of his values.  Mr. Bannon speaks the truth but is ununderstood by most.

The wisest step for Trump will be to have a plan 'B' just in case and suffer minimum losses - if not, it shall be too late to fix a fast deteriorating political enigma, as events shall prove.

A supernatural value system is not suitable for highly materialistic politicians who will not hesitate to stoop as low as needed to maintain their political future.

I have overwhelming Cabalistic evidence to make the statements I have made.





It takes place in the sign of Leo.  Westminster (England) and Paris (France) will be directly affected by its influence.  Political and economic strife will result.

Other countries affected will be:  India, China, Russia, North Korea.

The aftereffects of this Eclipse will be felt world-wide, and the total outcome will be unrest and political instability.

Forecast by Ostaro, Astrologer, New York City, Aug 16, 2017



Hillary Clinton was born on Oct. 26, 1947.    

A very complex personality.  A life lived on adventures and surprises.  Her cardinal numbers are 3 and 9.  This will give her protection and favors from those in authority.  On the mental plane she will be agile in self-expression.  

Cunning and craftiness is in evidence.  The tendency to annihilate opposition by drastic measures is evident.  Her Mercury is very afflicted by Saturn and Mars, making her a reckless opponent and one not hesitant to win by fair or foul means.  She knows the weaknesses of those who oppose her views.  

Her temper is quick and heart beat sensitive.  A plaything in the hands of fate, she will play a strategic role in US politics.  

Pres. Barack Obama has two women in his personal orbit (1) Michele Obama (born Jan 17) and (2) Hillary Clinton (born Oct 26).  These two will play, by vibrational influence, a crucial role, though extreme, in making decisions, consciously or unconsciously, affecting the US destiny eventually. 

This interaction between two fatalistic numbers (4 and 8) playing upon his life, is ominous.  But fate can be quite fickle, as history records.  More later ... 


Acursory look at his natal chart gives some valuable information: 

Key Points: 

  1. We find 4 planets in air signs, 2 in water and 2 in fire.  Alas, there is no planet in earth. 
  2. This is a soul that is not earth-bound

Comment:  This is not the chart of a real estate mogul.  Yes, by force of circumstances he has been placed in that category.  I am not allowed by spiritual laws to divulge his secrets.

He is a high principled man not understood by most and recognized by few.

He will always utter the truth, no matter what it costs him. 

In his chart the numbers 8 and 9 are of great import.  Here is the proof to support my analysis:  Big events (positive):  1971, 1980, 1989.  When these numbers are added, each year gives us a number 9.

In 1997, adding up to a single digit of 8, he filed for divorce, a negative indication.  In 2015 (adds up to no. 8), he decided to run for President (a bad sign).

You are very anxious to ask "IS HE GOING TO WIN?"  This is normally a very curious inquiry.

I will give you 2 examples of famous people:  TIGER WOODS and MICHAEL JACKSON.  And what became of them??

Sometimes success costs too much.  MR. TRUMP, REGRETTABLY, HAS A SIMILAR DESTINY.

What does it all mean?  Just that all is well that ends well.

I have thrown some light on Mr. Trump's chart and destiny.  More comes later...

2016 Presidential election

2016Presidential Election

The outcome of the 2016 election looks very scary.  Its aftermath is complex and dirty, though politically and legally fair.  I do not see long-range peace for Hillary without legal tangles, as time will prove.  I am certain of this conclusion based on Cabalistic analysis and astrological facts. 

Will she be an asset or an inherited liability to the USA is the most ticklish question.  What is legal may not be ethical.  Sad story.  More later...