Timeline: April 1 – May 31, 2016

If born March 22nd – 30th:  Much attention paid to charitable work.   Expenses far exceed income.  Favors spiritual work.  Beware of financial camouflage that could prove costly.  Strict money management a must.  Health rather delicate because of functional problems.  Business associates’ actions nebulous.  Keep expectations low.  From May 8 to 31 is a most active period.  Personal matters highlighted.  You will be busy attending to social issues.  Make sure you keep your affairs under tight control, since within the above dates you will be full of energy and very anxious to get things done.  Avoid going to  extremes in all things.  Until May 7, your affairs will be quite peaceful and under your command.

If born March 31st – April 9th:   In your special case the passage of Uranus in your solar ascendant will bring about tremendous changes in your total life-style.  This will mean a change of your value system and a desire to look for greener pastures somewhere else.  It also means that you will be  moving to a different location physically, meeting new people who may be able to help you realize your dreams.  From April 6 to May 7 your energy level will be very high, and very sudden events of an extreme nature will take you by surprise.  Be especially careful of fires, explosions and accidents.  The Jupiter position in your solar Fourth House will definitely change and improve your living conditions.  You will also benefit from real estate investments.  Starting May 11, an inheritance issue will crop up and create a great deal of confusion, but the outcome will be almost nil and a lot of expenses will be connected with it.

If born April 10th – 20th:   A very important issue of great significance in your special case will be an inheritance.  Despite all the promises made, this matter is going to hang fire because of unforeseen delays and dirty tactics by the parties involved.  This matter will not be resolved very soon.  Any money spent regarding this will be wasted.  Your friends will be of no help to settle this matter and your expenses generally will remain rather high.  Be careful of all the investments you have made and watch them with a careful eye.  All this is about to change on May 10th.

Lucky days:  April 8, 9, 17, 18, 26, 27

May 5, 6, 7, 15, 16, 23, 24


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About Aries

Sun is very powerful in this sign.

Your Basic Traits:
You are frank, outspoken, combative by temperament, generous, assertive and impulsive. You have intuition yet you like to reason. You like a good argument.