Ms. N.D., New York: ... I thank you for your horoscope. It proved to be accurate in the details ...
Ms. N.C., New York: J'ai pris plaisir a ma visite chez vous. Vous avez ete dune precision etonnante... (It was a pleasure meeting you. You have been surprisingly accurate...)
Ms. M.A., Brooklyn, N.Y.: ... During our interview you mentioned that you saw me losing money through a partnership ... Three weeks later I was served with a summons for the foreclosure of my sister's house. I had co-signed as a joint owner ... in the amount of $4,500.
Ms. J.B., New York: Ostaro, one year an half ago you said I would come into some money and I won $10,000, January 9, 1977.
Ms. L.H., Bronx, N.Y.: Two of your predictions have already come true.
Mrs. E.H., Augsburg, Germany: I am surprised at the over-all accuracy of your analysis.
Ms. M.L., Brooklyn, N.Y.: During our meeting you asked me if I know of an elderly person who may give me an inheritance ... This morning my aunt phoned to say she opened a trust fund in the amount of $10,000 for me. Ostaro, thank you.
Mrs. D.W., New York: I was stunned by your accurate depiction of my love life.
Sgt. H.M., San Francisco, Ca.:    You are so right here!  Exactly! It is unbelievable how your eight points are so correct. Every single one is 100% accurate ... I am amazed at your analysis. It is stunning.
Ms. C.Y., New York: You have been a great help. Thank you.
Astrologer G.K., Cappel, Germany: You amazingly hit the core of the depressing situation I am in.
Ms. R.G., New York: You said I was indecisive ... you hit the nail right on the head.
Ms. R.D., Collinsville, Ill.: Just to say your readings are quite accurate.
Mrs. M.A., UNEF, Egypt:... you advised me that my financial position would improve in the coming months ... You were right on target. I got a promotion resulting in a $4,000 a year pay increase and was assigned to an overseas post with a special allowance.