About “The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps”

❑"I enjoyed it and appreciate your thinking of me." —President Bill Clinton

❑ "It is meant to help you 'succeed in the battle of life,' and 'is written to help you in very practical ways.' If you associate with 'even two wrong people (whose vibrations conflict with your own), your chances of success will be reduced by 70%.' The book is easy reading, and it tells you a great deal without really seeming to. There is a lot here to think about." UN Diplomatic Times, The Independent Newspaper on the United Nations System

❑"I found myself re-evaluating my own goals and life habits as I read this book. Any book that causes me to get a fresh perspective on my life is a pleasure to recommend." —Michael Peter Langevin, Publisher, Magical Blend Magazine

❑"This book has much to offer the reader who desires to take hold of destiny and realizes that our lives are formed by many forces, both seen and unseen."
Quincy Howe Jr., Ph. D., Former Professor of Ancient Languages, Scripps College, Claremont, Ca. 

❑ "A very well written and informative book—easy to read and understand. Ostaro tells the truth about how the average person can prepare to succeed in reaching his or her full potential in all areas of life. Are you ready? If you are, just follow the ten steps set out in 'The Art and Craft of Success' and reap the rewards of working in the future today." 
Robert 'Dhammaputta' Mawson, Meditation Instructor, Dhammakaya Foundation for World Peace

❑"I especially liked some of the points that Ostaro brought up about keeping company and about personal and world cycles." 
David L. Mr., New York City

❑"It is absolutely marvelous." —Delano T. Ms., Concert Pianist