Are you ready for a life change? Ostaro has been practicing astrology for decades, and has an international clientele, including celebrities. He has his own TV show in New York, has made dozens of media appearances, and has authored two books. His clients remain loyal because of the amazing accuracy of Ostaro’s readings, derived from ancient mysteries. Ostaro’s renowned services will aid you with the tough questions regarding your: love life, health,  finances, residence,  family,  friends, inheritance, right profession, travel plans, and legal matters. Consult an accomplished Astrologer with a proven track record that spans more than three decades. Ostaro has helped many with his Chaldean Kabbalistic forecasting system and insight. He is a Master Mason (Scottish Rite).

We offer convenient ways for you to get a tailor-made reading:

Professional Services:

  • Personal Phone Consultation (Date of Birth needed)
  • Partner Comparison  (Birth Data of Partners needed) 

  • Exclusive Personal Guidance “Allegro”, day-to-day for those who are most active (with a secret code)

  • Natal chart print-out  (Day/Time/Month/Year) needed


In a business the choice of the right managers is vital.  Two people, who neutralize one another’s vibrations, reduces the chances of business success by 70%.  One of the key factors is a harmonious team in your business orbit. 

I can help you in your right choice.  Each manager must harmonize vibrationally with the Chief.

Even big corporations fail because of this vibrational conflict.  Secrecy of this information is as important as the info itself. 

Contact me at: if you need my counsel.  




Reports include:  Yearly Calendar Report, Yearly Highlights, Monthly Highlights, Monthly Details,  Lunation Chart (Month), Lunation Chart (Year), Stations, Red/Green Days, Void of Course, Void of Course (Personal), Appointments/Events.


Computerized print-outs

Astro-Talk (40-page natal report)

*  Introduction
* The Planets
* Life Landscapes
* Burn Rate
* Elemental Balance
* Challenges and abilities
* Interface Nodes
* House Activity and Emphasis
* Major Transits
* Explanatory Supplement


Friends and Lovers (Partner Comparison) (About 30 pages)

Friends & Lovers calculates two charts, and then compares them in detail
Each Friends & Lovers report is written in four parts which look at the relationship from your perspective as well as the other person’s.

  • First,  explore how you approach relationships.  
  • Do you get close easily?  
  • What traits influence all your relationships, from friends and family to business?
  • Second, the same questions are examined and answered in the second person’s chart.  What do they bring to the relationships?
  • What will help?
  • What will hinder?
  • Third, how do the charts intertwine?
  • Fourth, how does your partner relate to you?

Friends & Lovers gives you new insights into all the relationships around you.
One Year day-to-day Forecast.  It contains planetary aspects and comments (30-40 pages)

Contact Ostaro:  e:mail:; Phone:  646-641-1672