A Declaration

I declare and decree the following as a child of God!
I will change doubt into
Frustration into
Defeat into
Lack of Self-Confidence into
Faith in Self
Uncertainty into
Lack of Courage into
Want into
Consciousness of abundance
(Job 22., 28.)


An Affirmation

Today is a wonderful day full of opportunities for me.
I feel great, full of energy and enthusiasm.
I will plan my day today. I will work
hard and accomplish all my tasks at hand.
Wonderful new ideas come to my mind.
I will put them into practice with enthusiasm and
get all things done.
I start my day with hope and expect everything to go
well and I will indeed be successful.
I will successfully accomplish all jobs today.
Today is my day and I will be cheerful and
happy all day long.
All people I meet and come in contact with, will be
very friendly, cooperative and helpful to me.
I am one with the infinite riches of my subconscious mind.
It is my right to be rich, happy and successful. Money flows to me freely, copiously and
endlessly and I am grateful.
I am forever conscious of my true worth. I give of my talents freely and am wonderfully blessed financially.