Ostaro – Premier Hindu Astrological Consultant
New York’s Astrologist Extraordinaire

Ostaro is also a columnist, editor and publisher. He has written, edited and published Astronews (an Astrological Monthly) for more than six years. He has contributed articles to the following magazines: Indie Slate, TV Game Show, The Amsterdam News (weekly) and Staats-Zeitung und Herold (German weekly).

Press Comments

“But one wonders; how is Ostaro different from the commercial gurus and soothsayers? ‘If you come to me for a reading, in less than five minutes I can prove to you that I know my job by telling you your past in detail.'”

~Peter Noel, Amsterdam News, NYC, NY

“He characterized himself as a cut-and-dried astrologer who told it like it was. … ‘I don’t massage egos, he shrugged. This is serious work. I have no time for nonsense.'”

~N.R. Kleinfield, NY Times, NYC, NY

Ostaro has been featured in the following dailies:

  • New York Times
  • New York Post, Associated Press
  • the New York Observer
  • NY Daily News
  • (7 articles; he correctly forecast the winners of the 1986 World Series Baseball Games)
  • The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

Seeing Dollar Signs In Searching the Stars, By N. R. Kleinfield
” He likes to point out that he was once on a radio show and set a record for the amount of calls that came in—22,300 (most of them got a busy signal instead of Ostaro). He also gives ‘reliable’ investment advice and will even manage your money… He said he did not approve of many contemporary astrologers. He characterized himself as cut-and-dried astrologer who told it like it was… He shook his head. ‘I don’t massage egos,’ he shrugged. ‘This is serious work. I have no time for nonsense.'”

The New York Observer

Increasingly, They See a City of Psychics, Astrologers, Palm Readers, Fortune-Tellers, By Ginger Danto
“All facts! No lies,’ said Ostaro, a slight man with a melodic voice and piercing eyes, who has a one room office in a commercial building on Herald Square. ‘The true psychic faculty comes partly from genes, partly from the environment and partly from the mental makeup of the person,’ Ostaro said. ‘While highly sensitive, perceptive people develop the faculty more easily, he said.'”

Daily News

How ‘bout some lucky stars for the W’burg? By Gail Collins
“‘She advised him very badly, you know. She really did,’ says Ostaro, Hindu Astrologer. Ostaro (‘Reliable Business and Personal consultations’; Radio and TV Personality) is sitting in his office, high above a discount computer store, talking about Ronald Reagan and Joan Quigley, the unofficial White House Astrologer. ‘Now what is the angle? Wait! I know exactly what you want!’ Ostaro says. ‘The Risks in Following Astrology Blindly! He took a very big chance, you know what I mean.’
In the light of this revelation, this column has decided to perform a public service and end all the suspense for Brooklyn commuters and city engineers. We have commissioned a horoscope for the Williamsburg Bridge. ‘The bridge will prove to be disappointment,’ says Ostaro, who is not only an astrologer but also an up-and-coming actor, soon to be seen in your neighborhood theaters in Laser Man.” (He plays the Eurasian Guest.)

Daily News

Dial 646 for midtown? Numbers ring mystic bells, By Larry Sutton
“Ostaro, a Hindu astrologer, dabbles in numerology and predictions from his Fifth Ave. office. He foresees 646 as ‘not such a good number’ and 347 as ‘a better number.’ He also prefers 212 to 718.
And unlike local exchanges, which once carried nostalgic names such as Butterfield 8 and Murray Hill 7, Ostaro notes that area codes have always been nothing but numbers.”

The Wall Street Journal

Immigrant Saga Indians in U.S. Prosper in Their New Country, and Not Just in Motels, By James P. Sterba
“Ostaro, a Swami, astrologer and market forecaster whose uncanny World Series predictions were marred only when the sixth game lasted beyond midnight, thus confounding his prediction of a Saturday Red Sox victory. The Mets won several minutes into Sunday.”