Acursory look at his natal chart gives some valuable information: 

Key Points: 

  1. We find 4 planets in air signs, 2 in water and 2 in fire.  Alas, there is no planet in earth. 
  2. This is a soul that is not earth-bound

Comment:  This is not the chart of a real estate mogul.  Yes, by force of circumstances he has been placed in that category.  I am not allowed by spiritual laws to divulge his secrets.

He is a high principled man not understood by most and recognized by few.

He will always utter the truth, no matter what it costs him. 

In his chart the numbers 8 and 9 are of great import.  Here is the proof to support my analysis:  Big events (positive):  1971, 1980, 1989.  When these numbers are added, each year gives us a number 9.

In 1997, adding up to a single digit of 8, he filed for divorce, a negative indication.  In 2015 (adds up to no. 8), he decided to run for President (a bad sign).

You are very anxious to ask "IS HE GOING TO WIN?"  This is normally a very curious inquiry.

I will give you 2 examples of famous people:  TIGER WOODS and MICHAEL JACKSON.  And what became of them??

Sometimes success costs too much.  MR. TRUMP, REGRETTABLY, HAS A SIMILAR DESTINY.

What does it all mean?  Just that all is well that ends well.

I have thrown some light on Mr. Trump's chart and destiny.  More comes later...