UPDATE ON TRUMP PRESIDENCY:  Forecast by Ostaro,  Sept 11, 2017

Moves of Pres. Trump's enemies contradicting his activities exist tantamount to internal scandals that will shorten his reign.  His opposition is mounting a great challenge that may lead to a point of no return.  His set of values does not fit well with greedy and selfish politicians.  Very few shall support him because of his values.  Mr. Bannon speaks the truth but is ununderstood by most.

The wisest step for Trump will be to have a plan 'B' just in case and suffer minimum losses - if not, it shall be too late to fix a fast deteriorating political enigma, as events shall prove.

A supernatural value system is not suitable for highly materialistic politicians who will not hesitate to stoop as low as needed to maintain their political future.

I have overwhelming Cabalistic evidence to make the statements I have made.





It takes place in the sign of Leo.  Westminster (England) and Paris (France) will be directly affected by its influence.  Political and economic strife will result.

Other countries affected will be:  India, China, Russia, North Korea.

The aftereffects of this Eclipse will be felt world-wide, and the total outcome will be unrest and political instability.

Forecast by Ostaro, Astrologer, New York City, Aug 16, 2017