He is a master of camouflage, illusion and the fog of mystery.  These three cumulatively will demoralize, confuse and destroy even the most brilliant and sharp minds. 

The salient feature is:  two contradictory forces at war with each other.  Every step he takes is well calculated and measured.  Hallucination and illusion reign supreme.

His conceptual image of a person will exclude most from getting close to him.  Because of his internal perspective he will have a very dry sense of humor and may never smile or laugh.

His philosophical outlook shall contain materialism mingled with the overtones of spiritual ideals almost impossible for the weak minds to comprehend. 

Here we have an enigma whose value system, though appearing very idealistic, is too ethereal to materialize on the earthly plane.


Western Europe, especially

1.  Paris, France


3. Washington, DC

4. New York City

What upsets his apple cart most is the USA, and his philosophies go to dogs.  This is the crux of his political strategies.  He sees the success and failure in USA of all he craves for idealogically.

All will go well for a while and suddenly he will lose control of his project at hand.

Uranus and Saturn control his destiny.  He is fated undoubtedly. 

The greatest threats shall come to him from England, Germany and USA, as far as his political ambitions are concerned.

Summation:  The greatest threat to his political maneuvering shall come from USA.