Timeline: April 1 – May 31, 2014

If born Nov. 23rd – Dec. 2nd:  The presence of Neptune in your solar 4th House indicates many problems regarding your place of residence and professional future.  Take extreme care to ensure that you make no mistakes of judgment because of misunderstandings and a camouflage.  Professionally nothing seems to be very clear for the time being.  This situation will have a direct impact on your health, and at times you will feel totally out of tune.  From May 8 to 31 will be a period of great concern because your personal relations will be out of order as a result of unnecessary discussions and quarrels.  Make no new investments or you may incur financial loss.  During the said period you will not be in a very friendly mood and this will create problems with some of your closest friends.

If born Dec. 3rd – 12th:  The months under review warn of great challenges in all your investments, financial and personal matters.  Make no new investments to avoid losses. There seems to be the promise of an inheritance in your favor, which may be delayed because of circumstances beyond your control.  The period starting May 11 is not positive at all for dealing with non-profits and charities.  Strict money management is advised.

If born Dec. 13th – 22nd:  From April 1 to May 10 will be a time of great concern because you will start to feel very negative.  Overcome this pessimistic outlook by keeping in touch with positive thinkers.  This situation may affect your health in a functional way.  Hence you should choose your foods very carefully.

Lucky Days: 
April 8, 9, 17, 18, 26, 27
May 5, 6, 7, 15, 16, 23, 24
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About Sagittarius

Jupiter is very powerful in this sign.

Your Basic Traits:
You are highly impressionable yet introspective. Demonstrative active and enterprising are some of your qualities. You are frank though brutally so and honest. You can be generous and sincere. You go straight to the point.

Britney Spears born Dec. 2,
Brad Pitt born Dec. 18 &
Woody Allen born Dec. 5 are good examples.

Note: It is futile to give them advice for they rarely take it unless it is too late which happens to be the case mostly. Speed mania (everything must be done yesterday) is generally the cause of their ruin. They rarely get what is rightfully theirs because they cannot wait to see the plant grow. Moreover they rarely admit their mistakes.