Vaikoont (Heaven)
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Genre: Drama
Release Date: 10/18/08
Writer: Ostaro
Director: Ashtar Sayed




  • Helen: Female Lead. Role: Bitch with an attitude. White, daughter of a Baptist minister. Story Activity: Seducing Oliver.

  • Oliver: Obstacle Character, King Seleucus Nicator incarnated as Senator from Idaho. Story Activity: Conflict with Sasha.

  • Sasha de Paris: Male lead. King Chandragupta Maurya (322 B.C.). Humorous, full of occult wisdom, known to have lifted the veil, can peer into the future, enigmatic metaphysician, fascinated by mystery of creation. Cast.

  • Rhys (pronounced Reece): Sasha's friend. Somewhat eccentric, interested in doing good. Story Activity: Lover of beauty, social reforms.

  • Malachi (pronounced mala khai): Sasha's friend, born in Tel Aviv to a Chinese mother, discreet, clairvoyant. Story Activity: To defend moral and cultural values. Looking for his soul mate.

  • Archangel Michael (pronounced Mika eel): Sasha's friend and escort to Heaven. Story Activity: Liaison between St. Peter and Sasha.

  • Vicki: Story Activity: Secretary of E.C. Club, fond of Sasha. (24+).

  • Judge Hope: Story Activity: Judge in the court trial

  • Angelica: Story Activity: Sen. Oliver's daughter.

  • TV Reporter: Story Activity: Female.

  • Oliver's Lady friend: Story Activity: Sen. Suresky: Story Activity: Friend of Sen. Oliver. Bennington, Helen's son (4-10). Story Activity: Not very fond of his other's ways.

  • Night Club Bouncer: Story Activity: To bounce the undesirable.